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Stacks & Foundation

We provide a website design service that adds the human factor to Website Design.

Every business needs a web presence or Social media Presence online. These can work together to bring customers to you or help the customers you already have.  

This can also help the employees interact with you. The quality and content of your website can show others your business. PWA Web Design Services will work with you and give close care and attention to Detail.

Total CMS Will give you everything you need.


Total CMS is the ultimate solution for managing online website content via the Admin area. It supports editing all text throughout your pages. It contains all of the simplicity and power of Easy CMS text, image management, and much more. 

Total CMS also supports galleries, file downloads, video, password protection, news feeds and blogs. All this with zero setups and zero databases, 

I publish, and you edit! Total CMS is licensed per Domain.

We are working on a new look website

This new look has a new Project File that can be customised for anyone.

 Different backgrounds, text, and images, all from the Admin area—see our costs. We can help you create what you wish to see on the web.


New World Cleaning

We cater to all needs of window cleaning, and high-level window cleaning using the reach and wash system. Carpet cleaning using Prochem steam cleaning machines's also scotch guarding. Office cleaning, we offer a high standard of office cleaning and janitorial supplies so products can be managed by us to take less stress from your business. The customer can also have a choice of products which suits yourselves

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PWA New look 2024



PWA Pro turns your website into a Progressive Web App. This allows you to install your website onto your mobile device as an app. This gives you offline access to the website along with blazing fast speed. The performance improvements are also present when browsing the site normally in the browser.
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Cumbre project file with Total CMS
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